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Your source for the largest selection of plastic pallets & crates in the India.

Storo Plast is an independent, modern company with a long family tradition, noted for its innovative strenghts and emphasis on lasting values, its global orientation and tradition. Our company history goes back over twenty five years and has been marked by constant developments, continued investments and forward-looking decisions, which have in their turn propelled Storo Plast’s growth to become a successful corporate group.

With our years of experience of Manufacturing and Supplying Plastic Pallets & Crates, we can assist you with any of your Plastic Pallets & Crates enquiries.

Storo Plast stands for quality

Today, our group is recognised world-wide as a specialist for plastics processing. Our name, our brands and our products stand for supreme quality. With our company headquarters in the Bengaluru, our further production sites in Pondicherry, and Chennai as well as with our world-wide distribution network we enjoy a sound international status and are well set up to meet the challenges and opportunities arising from globalisation.

A strong position for the future

We are a family-run, medium-sized enterprise with profitable business activities and the strength to achieve steady growth, with highly qualified employees, a genuine social partnership and an intact corporate culture. For these reasons we continue to trust in our own potential. We will also continue to hold faith in the reliability of our conscientious staff members – from the workforce to the management – and thus on the men and women, who are the basis for our success. By integrating younger family members into our business we have completed the fifth generational transfer. Therefore we have every reason to continue confidently into the future with pride and joy at our success, with the courage to develop new ideas, with high technical skills and with top quality products and services.

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We'd love to have you as a happy customer, too. We promise you will find the highest quality plastic crates at lowest possible price with a friendly and prompt service.

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